These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) set out the terms on which Laureus World Sports Awards Limited (“Laureus”) grants media representatives/applicants access to the Laureus World Sports Awards (“Awards”) and associated events. By applying for accreditation, each applicant agrees to these Terms. Failure to comply with these Terms may result in the accreditation being withdrawn.

Grant of Accreditation

  • Any accreditation granted is personal to the person to whom it is granted. Accreditation is not transferable in any way.
  • Laureus may grant or refuse an application for accreditation in its absolute discretion and without giving reasons.
  • By applying for accreditation, the applicant confirms that they will at all material times during the Awards and associated events be legally entitled to work in the country where the Awards and associated events are located.
  • Any accreditation pass (or other physical evidence of accreditation) remains the property of Laureus at all times and shall be returned immediately upon request.
  • Lost or stolen accreditation passes should be reported as quickly as possible to a member of Laureus media staff who will in their sole discretion decide whether to issue a replacement accreditation pass.
  • Accreditation is granted for the sole purpose of providing coverage, news, commentary and reporting of the Awards and associated events.
  • Although accreditation is complimentary and Laureus will provide accredited media with amenities such as refreshments and wireless internet connections in the media centre(s), media are responsible for their own additional expenses including but not limited to food, travel and accommodation.


Each accredited person agrees to:

  • comply with all reasonable directions of Laureus or those acting on behalf of Laureus whilst at the Awards and associated events;
  • wear such identifying pass as may be provided by Laureus and ensure such pass is visible at all times and not tamper with, or in any way obscure, such pass;
  • behave in a manner that will not bring Laureus and/or the Awards into disrepute and that will not cause offence to, or otherwise inhibit the enjoyment of, all other parties in attendance at the Awards and associated events;
  • take all reasonable care, including with their equipment (if any), and shall observe all health and safety rules and regulations and other security requirements that apply at the locations where the Awards and other associated events take place and shall follow all safety and security instructions of the staff at the locations and/or Laureus staff;
  • Laureus will provide access to the Laureus photo archive for use by accredited media;
  • Use of drones is forbidden at all times.

Insurance & indemnity etc

Each accredited person:

  • confirms that they have adequate public liability and third party insurance in respect of their activities at the Awards and associated events and agrees to provide evidence of such cover prior to the commencement of their accreditation;
  • will provide Laureus with an indemnity issued by its employer confirming that employer shall indemnify and hold harmless Laureus against any direct loss or damage to Laureus or their employees, officers and agents or arising out of any dispute, proceedings, claim, suit or other action brought against Laureus by any third party resulting from or in any way connected with (i) negligence or misconduct of the accredited personat the Awards and/or the associated events; and (ii) a breach of these Terms.